A strong partnership and network is the key to reach goals and objectives.  In this section you can see our  (European and National) partner and subscriptions and our common projects.

In recent years we have activated numerous partnerships, adhesions and accreditations with bodies and organizations in order to achieve our goals in a more effective and integrated way.

Our partners are the result of a meticulous process of selection and sharing of our own values.

Our Association is registered in the Regional Register of Social Promotion Associations in accordance with law 383/2000.

It is also registered in the Regional Register of Partnership Operators for International Cooperation and promotion of the culture of human rights – art 9

BiTeB promotes access to technology in the non-profit world, collecting and allocating thousands of still functioning computers and hospital equipment to social projects, abandoned only for technological updating needs, which otherwise would have been destined for disposal as waste. Demostene is BiTeB Accredited since September 2014.

Demostene joined the Open Cooperation Project. Open Cooperation is an online project aimed at promoting and facilitating the transparency and accountability of NGOs and associations working in the field of development cooperation and humanitarian aid. It is a platform where all organizations can enter their transparency data for free to make them open and easy to consult.

Sara Lab is a center that promotes interdisciplinary and collaborative forms of research on the themes of quantitative analysis methodologies in the socio-economic field and actions to support the training of students, researchers and professionals of the social sciences. Demostene is co-planning with Sara Lab research initiatives aimed at promoting young talents.

IHF asbl (Institute for Higher Education on Community Policies) is a non-profit organization founded in 2003, based in Brussels, by a group of professionals and experts in European Programs and Policies. Their mission is to spread European values ​​and create networking opportunities, in order to foster European integration and international cooperation. With Demostene he collaborates in European projects, in particular with the Erasmus + program.

Orizzonti Internazionali is an association that deals with information and in-depth analysis of foreign policy. The articles are mainly devoted to the topics of international relations, peace, human rights, migration and international cooperation, with a particular focus on Asia and Africa.