The Study Centre name and aim were inspired by an anecdote from the life of the Athenian orator and politician Demosthenes. If Demosthenes is a well known Greek personality, less known is the serious speech impediment he suffered: when he spoke, in fact, he stuttered. Demosthenes was so dejected that he began to think seriously about abandoning his vocation because of this limit. Until one day an Athenian called Satyr advised him to go near the sea and recite aloud for hours passages of great Greek authors having some pebbles in his mouth. The training worked and he has began one of the greatest orators of all times.

Our logo, with its four pebbles smoothed by the sea waves, graphically represents the hard training that he underwent and the aim and mission of our association.

Like Satyr, and like those little stones, we want to offer to the people we will meet the help and tools they need to overcome their limitations, develop their talents and follow their original vocation. In one expression, what we aim to do is PROMOTING HUMAN FLOURISHING.